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NInstitute of Oceanology,Chinese Academy of Sciences

China Focus: "Magic soil" a green solution to red tide

A "magic soil" made out of modified clays has been proved effective in fighting red tide along China's coastal wa...


Chinese research vessel returns from probe in western Pacific

Chinese research vessel KEXUE, or Science, returned to its homeport in the eastern city of Qingdao on Sunday afte...


Research Progress

A novel Hox expression model underpins the diversification of molluscs

Mollusca is the second species-rich phylum among the animals. Moreover, each of the eight molluscan classes shows a d...


Adjoint-free method to study the predictability of ENSO

"The OPRs [optimal precursors] of ENSO can be represented by the initial perturbation that most likely evolves into a...


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